Farmers lose jobs as Government suspends live cattle exports

Posted by Rita Mu

The Federal Government will announce a plan later today to suspend all live cattle exports to Indonesia, following gruesome footage of the animals being grossly mistreated and slaughtered on ABC’s Four Corners program last Monday.

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said the suspension would continue until safeguards were put in place by all Indonesian abattoirs. 

"It will [be] put in place until the Government establishes sufficient supply chain assurance for cattle from Australia to Indonesia," Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig told ABC News Online.

Initially, the Government announced a suspension of the 12 Indonesian abattoirs featured in the ABC program, but increasing pressure in the past week from its own backbench, independents and animal welfare activists has led to the Government deciding to suspend exports to all Indonesian abattoirs.

According to ABC News Online, two workers in the cattle industry in the Northern Territory have already lost their jobs from the suspension.

The Coalition has criticised the Government’s decision, saying it will cause an immediate drop in the cattle market across Australia and devalue existing meat in stores.

According to the Coalition, the Indonesian live cattle market represents 47 per cent ($320 million) of the Australia’s total live cattle trade.

Image: smh.com.au

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