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Fast & Fruity by Freshfields

Product name: Fast & Fruity

Product manufacturer: Freshfields

Ingredients: 100 percent fruit – apple, berries, peaches etc

Shelf life: 12-18 months

Packaging: Resealable pouch

Brand website: https://shop.enzafoods.co.nz/

What the company says
A new fruit range, Fast & Fruity by Freshfields, has just been launched in Australia and is available in Coles stores nationally.

Injecting new life into a tiring tinned fruit category, the Fast & Fruity range are great tasting, pourable, chunky 100 percent pure fruit with absolutely no added sugar. They are perfect for consumers wanting a quick and easy breakfast topping or ingredient for anything from smoothies and baking to ice blocks and pancakes.

Each pouch is conveniently re-sealable, has no added sugar, no added preservatives, sulphites or sodium and is gluten-free. The 500g pouch packs come in three flavours; be-licious berry and apple, golden peaches with a hint of vanilla and sunshine sweet tropical fruits.

Unlike tinned fruit, the Fast & Fruity pouches deliver fruit that is not drowning in sugary syrup, which means more real fruit and less sugar. Additionally, in comparison to the drain weight of tinned fruit, Fast & Fruity offers good value in terms of pure volume of fruit per 100gms, representing a strong value proposition for consumers.

All fruit contents are picked and packaged with absolute freshness in mind and the innovative twist-top re-sealable packaging allow for the product to have a distinctly longer shelf-life.

Fast & Fruity are available in the tinned fruit aisle of Coles supermarkets nationally from May 29, 2013 ($4.59 for a 500g pouch pack).


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