Fiji’s first fully organic island is waiting certification

Cicia Island located in Fiji’s Lau group is the first fully organic island in the Pacific and is currently awaiting official organic certification.

The island has been used to predominately grow root vegetables, and for the production of virgin coconut oil which has been exported to Fiji’s main islands and internationally.

Mere Salusalu, spokesperson for Fiji’s Ministry of Agriculture told ABC’s Pacific Beat program that the organic certification would represent a great boost for export and tourism opportunities.

"The government of Fiji recognises the potential and opportunities that organic will continuously provide in protecting our environment," she said.

"I think in a few years time we will be getting visitors from abroad to the island, so that they eat and live organically on the island."

Salusalu said that no fertilisers or chemicals have been used on the island for at least six to eight years.

"Traditional farming practices have evolved over a long period…and are still practiced now – and all these farming principles align well with organic principles," said Salusalu.

"I'm sure it will be the first Fiji organic island where the whole island is organic, compared to other places where only parts of the place have been certified organic," she said.


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