Filler uses precise techniques on production lines

ESKO provides The Waldner Dosomat filler, which uses precision filling techniques developed in Germany for tub and pouch filling of liquids and solids. Whether it’s dairy, baby food, fruit or pet food, Waldner is able to de-nest, fill, seal, barcode every tub or pouch automatically in one machine.

Servo drives developed in Germany provide high-speed movements with no spillage. Check weigher data feedback to the Dosomat ensures no underweight filling issues occur. This ensures minimum giveaway and more product on a pallet per batch. The inbuilt statistics software provides OEE data to ensure not only the Filler but downstream equipment is performing during a shift.

Once filled, the cups/pouches are handed over to the batch retorting system STERIFLOW, which achieves an efficient thermal process by using cascading water to shower the cups or pouch and transfers heat from superheated water into the product. As this is done under pressure, the water remains liquid with minimal evaporation. The result is a product pasteurisation or shelf-stable application.

Through real time logging, the STERIFLOW Retort can record every step of the process and control temperatures, pressures and cooling, resulting in a product that is cooked safely and quickly while maintaining quality and flavours. Energy savings are available through water/condensate recuperation.

Food safety is paramount in today’s food manufacturing world, that’s why the Steriflow Retort provides an inbuilt QA system that monitors every aspect of the process, and generates FDA/AQIS approved reports.

MESPIC’s Robotic Automation can pick and place rigid or flexible products for end-packing or retort trays ready for thermal processing. Using robotic technology, we can dry and pack various different shelf ready pack formations, whether 6, 8, 12 count or more. Multi-flavour or take-home retail packs add to the capability, to provide the consumer with variety.
The MESPIC/IMBALL all-in-one packer is able to form, pack, close the carton in one machine, using a small foot print. A smaller, less powerful motor, can be used for the picking actions due to the MESPIC carbon fibre arm construction.

Through ESKO Australia there is a total solution for your pouch and cup filling and packing using technology customised for different needs.

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