Finalists named in Twinings design challenge

The top four finalists of the Twinings Design Challenge are Carrie Bickmore, Emma Freedman, Samantha Harris and Nicole Kidman.

Packs of Twinings Morning Tea blend featuring the four designs hit shelves from today. They were chosen by a judging panel including Archibald Prize judge Ashley Dawson-Damer, out of a field of 33 incredible designs.

Ten cents from every pack of Twinings Morning Tea sold will be contributed towards the top four’s charities of choice; Carrie Bickmore – Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, Emma Freedman – Captain Courageous Foundation, Samantha Harris – Make-A-Wish Australia, and Nicole Kidman – Variety: The Children’s Charity.

Australians will have a chance to vote for their favourite design and voting is open, running between now to 8th May.

Whichever celebrity accumulates the most votes will have her design remain on shelf, where 10c from every pack sold will be contributed to her charity of choice over the next four years.

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