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Find batch No.5 at Fine Food Australia

Foodfx’s batch No. 5 has continued to grow in popularity across the food and beverage industry for its quality in providing customers with added menu benefits. 

“Our role and vision as we see it, is to be the preferred culinary partner for all of our customers, whilst also going the extra mile to understand our customers’ requirements ensuring we create a flavour that exceeds their expectations,” said Andrew, Foodfx’s National Sales and Marketing Manager. 

“Our speciality is to enhance customer’s experience with our premium and diverse offering of condiments for their menu range.”

Established in 1986 as a food manufacturer specialising in recipe creation and customisation, Foodfx has become a leading partner for National QSRs, food service and further manufacturing (B2B) for professional chefs across all types of cuisines.

In the 37 years since its inception. Foodfx has provided the food and beverage industry with the premium and diverse condiment offerings it always aimed to do. 

batch No. 5 is the youngest brand within Foodfx’s portfolio but is still proving to be a popular option for stakeholders. 

“batch No. 5 offers customers accessible superior mayonnaises, sauces and relishes to compliment all styles of menus,” said Andrew. 

“The batch No. 5 relish was originally developed as a quality proposition across multiple condiment categories whilst being able to be stored at room temperature allowing for ease of access and ease of use.” 

The relish, like all other offerings from Foodfx, is made of the highest quality ingredients that the company can source. 

“As a new and developing product we have sourced the highest quality ingredients, and Australian sourced where possible, to ensure the product lives up to the ever increasing elevated benchmark that the batch No 5 brand has now developed across the broader Food Service market place,” said Andrew. 

Andrew highlighted some of the critical drivers behind the growing popularity of batch No. 5 relish. 

“Foodfx has across the last 18 months allowed our Food Service account management team at state level to support the product with Distributor and End User promotional activity,” said Andrew. 

“This, and the passion our total business has shown for the product & brand sets it apart from the rest of the marketplace, allowing for category growth in multiple sub channels.” 

The continuing growth of the vegan market is another critical driver behind the development of batch No.5, and one Foodfx has been able to capitalise
on successfully. 

“Having a variety of products produced by Foodfx for the Vegan market, including batch No 5 relish, has certainly driven not only relish but the complete Foodfx vegan range,”
said Andrew. 

Other alternative diet markets also provide the same drivers as the
vegan market. 

“We have also noticed the increased demand of Gluten Free products, something Foodfx and batch No.5 proudly offers, as restaurants move to make their menus more accessible for more people,” Andrew added. 

“Our strategy has been to ensure we make this range accessible across both price and format so as not to slow its potential growth and availability to
all customers.” 

Because of the popularity of batch No. 5, the Foodfx team is excited to be exhibiting at Fine Food Australia 2023, in Sydney. 

“The total sales and marketing team will be exhibiting and attending Sydney Fine Foods this year,” said Andrew.

“We are hopeful that our first venture with the expo delivers outstanding opportunities for not only batch No 5 relish, but the complete range, including batch No. 5 free range flavoured mayonnaise in 2.3 pails, 10 kg pails and our batch No. 5 sauce range Hot Habanero and Buffalo available in convenient 1kg bags.”

Foodfx will also be showcasing its other brands at Fine Food Australia. 

“Those are Port Mahon, our fresh chilled finest mayonnaise range, which uses premium Australian ingredients and free range, whole eggs to create creamy mayonnaises,” said Andrew.

“And the other is Herman’s Homemade, which offers the market high quality meal bases for customers to replicate meals that feel homemade.”

Andrew also took the opportunity to reiterate Foodfx’s commitment to being locally owned and manufactured. 

“Foodfx proudly stands as Australian owned for Australian made premium condiment manufacturing, using only the highest quality local Ingredients.

We always ensure we work with a ‘customer first’ mentality, our decisions are always based on the customers’ requirements whilst also delivering against our brand personalities,” he said. 

“batch No.5 will continue to be a focus brand of ours in 2023 & 2024 particularly given the current economic pressures facing all of our customers and the total industry.

“batch No.5 gives accessibility to our customers who are looking to choose a quality product.

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