Fine Food Australia’s 2022 line-up highlights robotic innovation


Fine Food Australia’s trade event this year will deliver insights into trends driving the food industry, including a spotlight on robotic innovation in the kitchen.

The four-day event from 5th- 8th September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre will see over 650 Australian and international representatives from the food industry. The event will showcase latest products, technology and services from food service, hospitality, catering, bakery, retail, import, export, distribution, manufacturing and more.

Among the most anticipated presentations during the event is Rod Fowler’s ‘There’s a Robot in My Kitchen’, which covers food service automation. Fowler, director of Food Industry Foresight, said automation in robot waiters and robotic kitchen equipment is a way to work smarter given the labour shortages in the hospitality industry.

“For generations, robots and computers have scared people thinking they will lose their jobs. However, the reality is they can offload menial tasks so humans can do the more important or complex jobs.”

Currently, there are over 100 robot waiters in service across restaurants in Australia, with numbers set to grow.

Two robot exhibitors, Bear Robotics and JNS Robotics, will also be present on the floor.

Founder and chief executive officer of Bear Robotics, John Ha, will also be presenting on the topic ‘Robotics in Foodservice’, which will discuss their Servi robot models that will be launched at the event.

Fowler also devised the devised the line-up for the business-inspired Talking Trends section this year, which focuses on the concept of remaining agile in a post-COVID world.

“It was tough during COVID, but those who survived found ways to do new business and adapt. We need to constantly look to how we can improve and where savings can be made,” he said.

Product and event manager for Fine Food Australia, Andrew Lawson said that one of the most invaluable aspects of the show is the information gathered and connections made among people in the industry.

“For some it’s helped transform their business. And often just being around trailblazers and networking with peers can inspire a marketing or creative burst.”

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