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Finery 0% non-alcoholic cocktails launched at Dan Murphy’s

Finery 0%

The Fine People, grassroots-based company in Auckland, have launched its new non-alcoholic Finery 0% Cocktails in Australia. 

Finery 0% Cocktails use a special blend of distilled extracts, tinctures and natural flavours to deliver a collection of premium blend beverages that are free from sugar, carbohydrates, gluten and preservatives. The brand has also incorporated vegan-friendly options into its new range. 

With a dedication to craft, Finery is a premium offering made with honest, all-natural, local ingredients. Comprising aromatic botanicals, delicate fruit juices and teas, these refreshing beverages are best enjoyed as an accompaniment to fine food. 

The range has been carefully crafted by Finery’s beverage team, inspired by nature and embraces clean flavours. 

Finery has taken its cues from classic cocktails but removed the alcohol, making it a healthy alternative to sugary beverages. The perfect answer for non-drinkers or those who want to cut back their intake.  

Flavours include Grapefruit Cucumber and Mint; Ginger, Green Tea, Honey, Mint and Lemon; Vanilla and Elderflower; and Lemon Myrtle, Lime and Black Tea. 

“With more people looking for non-alcoholic drink options than ever before, we wanted to offer a delicious drink without the sugary calories often associated with non-alcoholic drinks,” The Fine People co-founder Jane Allan said. 

“By removing the alcohol content we’ve made it even healthier than before, ensuring non-drinkers get to enjoy the taste of the original Finery, without the calories associated with alcohol.” 

Convenient, with little fuss and no spills, these alcohol-free cocktails are for the discerning drinker – a sought-after drink for grown-ups with good taste, who fancy a night off the drink. 

Finery 0% drinks are sold in packs of four for $15.95. Opt for a flavour of your choosing or try all four with the selection pack. 

The Finery 0% range is available from this month at Dan Murphy’s stores across Australia. 

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