First DHA Omega-3 baby food range in Australia

Australian parents now have a new way to help ensure their babies have optimal brain and eye development thanks to Rafferty’s Garden’s newly released range of food for bubs, containing the vital DHA Omega-3 compound.

The brand’s Platinum DHA Omega-3 Range comprises six options which all provide the essential fatty acid that occurs naturally in the body and is particularly important in the first two years of life and early childhood. Studies have linked higher levels of DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, with improved memory, cognitive function and clear vision in children.

DHA is especially crucial for babies as they are weaned off breast milk and are introduced to solids as, although the omega-3 compound is found in breast milk, it is not contained in many foods normally found in an infant’s diet and is a key factor to ensuring optimal neurodevelopment.

The Platinum DHA Omega-3 range is for babies 12 months and over and extends Rafferty’s Garden’s existing lumpy range. Dishes such as macaroni and cheese, creamy tuna mornay and spaghetti and meatballs introduce different textures and savoury flavours that help infants learn to enjoy the taste of real food.

The innovative new range is a key feature of the brand’s major expansion into fresh ways of bringing healthy food to babies and toddlers of all ages.

New products on supermarket shelves include a puree range for babies six months and over, which has two Grandma’s Favourite Desserts custard options.

Launched in Australia in 2007, Rafferty’s Garden provides an alternative to preparing food from scratch. With smooth, puree, lumpy and cereal ranges for babies four months and over, the products are made from all natural ingredients and nothing else.

According to the company, like all of Rafferty’s products, the new offerings contain no added sugar, salt, preservatives or anything artificial and are not pumped up with thickeners, artificial flavours and colours.

Developed in consultation with paediatric nutritionists, food technologists, packaging experts and discerning parents, the reliable and healthy options contain only the freshest, top quality fruits and vegetables and finest cuts of meat, and are packaged in unique pouches that help the products last for 12 months at room temperature without any compromise to quality, flavour or nutrition.

Rafferty’s Garden baby foods are available from all major supermarkets and independent retailers across Australia. The new Platinum DHA Omega-3 and puree ranges are available from Woolworths supermarkets.

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