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Flavorman creates drink for 2020

If 2020 was a drink, what would it taste like? Experts at Flavorman, a Louisville, KY-based beverage development company, got together to find out.

“It’s been an exceptionally challenging year for everyone, so in an effort to spread some positivity, we wanted to do something fun,” says David Dafoe, founder and CEO. “As beverage architects, we’re always looking for ways to challenge our creativity, so we thought— let’s make 2020 into a beverage.”

The commemorative drink was inspired by four themes from the year: seeking comfort, a global consciousness around health, the power of hope, and of course, the unpredictable series of events that have defined this historic period.

With plenty of reasons to seek out comfort without compromising on health Flavorman decided to create a mocktail. Pairing their knowledge of flavour trends with attention to health, the experts also chose pink grapefruit flavour for its tart taste and boost of immunity; but grapefruit can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, just like the year 2020. Flavorman sought to “mask” that by pairing it with a sweet, silky honey— a reminder that life is sweet. Together, the bittersweet combination provides a bright, uplifting profile to mirror the sense of hope which has carried us through every challenge faced this year.

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