Flexco to launch splice press at foodpro

Flexco is launching the Novitool Aero Generation 3 Splice Press at foodpro. The new generation press features state-of-the-art technology and the exclusive Aero Recipe Management Tool for producing consistent, high-quality endless splices. It is easy to operate, producing endless splices in a fraction of the time of water cooled presses.

The press has been updated with a larger effective heat zone, ability to control heating temperature for top and bottom separately, forced air cooling in both top and bottom, intuitive HMI controls, and USB connectivity with recipe management capabilities for increased splice quality.

The new Aero Recipe Management Tool makes endless splicing easier and more precise than ever on the Aero Press. Users can either manually enter or import recipes via USB flash drive. Recipes are stored in “groups” on the Aero Press by belt manufacturer, customer, and other categories for easy organisation. Users can recall saved recipes for specific belts, providing consistent, high-quality splice performance regardless of which technician is operating the press.

The press still features a quick cycle time of as short as eight minutes per splice, which translates to less downtime for the end-user, and more splices per hour in a belt fabrication workshop. Improved profitability can be a direct result of this high-speed efficiency. The splice zone, however, has been increased from 120mm to 150mm to accommodate longer finger lengths and provide additional length when setting up the fingers for splicing.

The press boasts better heat and pressure during the splicing process, which produces superior finished splices. The faster processing time makes heating and cooling more efficient. Users can set different temperatures for both top and bottom heating elements, allowing them to modify the splice parameters to achieve ideal splicing results for the belt.

Also on display at the Flexco stand is the the FGP Food Grade Primary Cleaner, a new addition to its line of light-duty belt conveyor products. The easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain food grade cleaner can be disassembled in less than a minute for regular cleaning and sanitation.

Ideal for the food processing industry, the FGP Primary Cleaner can be used from the time the food is harvested to the finished product. The FGP Primary Cleaner is designed to meet strict sanitary guidelines and has been certified by the USDA for use in meat, poultry, and dairy operations. Cleaner blades are available in white, blue, or metal-detectable grey.

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