Fonterra launches new PowerProtein range for healthier snacking

Fonterra Ingredients has launched a new range of highly functional dairy proteins for customers to use in nutritional bar segments such as high-protein sports bars, meal replacement or weight-management options and healthy snacking alternatives for adults and children.

The PowerProtein range includes PowerWPC, PowerMPCs and Powercrisps.

PowerWPC is considered a world-first, designed specifically for the bar category, said Fonterra’s global category manager physical nutrition, Nigel Little.

“PowerWPC is unique because it provides high levels of whey protein without the typical hardening and colouration properties associated with standard whey protein ingredients. It delivers a soft nougat-type texture and the benefits of improved shelf-life, taste and colour.”

The PowerMPCs in the range offer the goodness of milk protein while maintaining ‘clean’ flavour and good texture. They have been created as a replacement for traditional bar ingredients such as calcium caseinate and total milk protein.

The third type of ingredient in the range, Powercrisps, has been developed to meet the demands of the most discerning consumer. Powercrisps introduce highly nutritious whey protein in a “rice-bubble”-type format, providing a light and crunchy protein ingredient, formulated using Fonterra’s unique extrusion technology.

With growing consumer demand for convenient access to protein, Fonterra have targeted high growth segments to create new snacking opportunities with better quality protein.

“Fonterra’s new generation protein ingredients will significantly increase its market share in the bar and snack categories, as a key part of our expanding portfolio of specialty ingredients,” said Little.

Although devised with sports, nutrition and weight management bars in mind, the PowerProtein range also has the unique potential to create a whole new category of healthier “indulgent” snacks, by providing high levels of protein without compromising taste or texture.

“By introducing ‘better for you’ ingredients into the mainstream indulgent bar space, consumers are encouraged to choose options that still taste great, but are healthier because they deliver highly nutritious protein, reduced calories and keep consumers going throughout the day,” said Little.

The PowerProtein range will be featured at the Health Ingredients Europe trade show in November where Fonterra will also be showcasing ClearProteins.

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