Fonterra to donate millions to Chinese charity

Fonterra has said it will donate $7.35 million to a charity set up to help China’s children and mothers.

The money will be paid over the next five years to the Soong Ching Ling Foundation and used to provide medical care and advice to pregnant women and new mothers in rural China.

“The goal is to improve the health of women and children, thereby promoting social progress and development,” Fonterra said in a statement.

The charity aims to build maternal and infant community hubs in the country’s rural and underdeveloped communities.

“The project will include exchange and teaching programs to help give local health workers, obstetrical and paediatric doctors and nurses in rural areas new opportunities to learn latest healthcare best practices,” the company said.

“Fonterra has a 20-year history in China and is strongly committed to China. We are part of Chinese society and want to contribute to the development of the rural areas of China via our effort.”

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