Food & Beverage Industry News September Special Feature – Packaging and Processing

With the National Packaging Targets set for 2025 it is not long before the government standards are put in place and food and beverage manufacturers will have to comply. If you supply packaging & processing solutions to the industry then our readers want to talk to you. They are on the lookout for the latest technologies that can not only help them meet the 2025 targets but also make their job easier.

This is an feature to explain to our readers the important role that packaging has in the food and beverage sector – how recycling, composting and the biodegradable aspects of packaging are becoming important. It is also a great feature to introduce new technologies and innovations to the food and beverage processing and manufacturing sectors.

If you are a company that specialises in food and beverage packaging, the September Issue of Food & Beverage Industry News is an excellent platform to get your message across.

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