Food Challenge Award Finalist: Dairy

The Food Challenge Award 2011 Dairy category is sponsored by Tronics.

Company name: Coles Supermarkets
Coles Chilled Desserts range

Manufactured by Conditorei, Coppenrath & Weise, the Coles range of chilled desserts offers customers a new to market product that is of restaurant quality at everyday prices, with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Much of the dessert production is still done by hand and once baked, the products are frozen using a shock-freezing technique that ensures moisture, aroma, and flavour is sealed in.

La Casa Del Formaggio
Fresh Full Cream Ricotta

La Casa Del Formaggio Fresh Full Cream Ricotta is a unique product, which is spreadable yet the texture, consistency and flavour is like no other ricotta on the current market. Only fresh, local milk is used in its production, and its packaging is efficient and reusable. Strict safety precautions are taken in excess to HACCP mandates, including extra protective staff garments and sanitation procedures.

Twisted Frozen Yoghurt
Twisted Frozen Yoghurt

Twisted Frozen Yoghurt makes fresh yoghurt everyday, which is packed full of live and active cultures. It is also gluten free, low in fat, high in calcium and protein and has less than half the sugar found in most household ice creams.

There are 25 flavours that are rotated each week, including a range of Pro-biotic Smoothies and Superfruit Smoothies.

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