Food Challenge Award: Packaging Design

The Food Challenge Award 2011 Packaging Design category is sponsored by Formrite Group.

Simplot Australia Pty Ltd
Birds Eye Create a Meal range

Birds Eye Create a Meal provides a meal solution in the frozen vegetable category. Relaunched in November 2010 in a double doy resealable stand up pack, with the sauce in two separate easy to open sachets. This format has a gusset at the top and bottom of the bag to allow stand up on shelf and improve stand out.

The Organic Fine Food Company
WorkSnaK Mini-Smoothie

The Organic Fine Food Company has launched a range of shelf stable all-fruit Mini-Smoothies, under their WorkSnaK brand to supply lower calorie healthy snacks to busy workplaces. The smoothies are sold ready-to-drink in convenient snack size plastic tubs with tamper proof lids, in boxes of two, with straws provided. They can be stored at ambient temperature with a shelf life of 9 months. The tubs are BPA free.

Pendleton Estate Pty Ltd
10ml sachet Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Chardonnay White Wine Vinegar (portion control)

Working with Rockpool and Qantas Catering we developed a unique Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Chardonnay White Wine Vinegar 10ml sachet for use on Qantas domestic & international meals. The 10ml sachet packaging is innovative as it is lighter than normal packaging (a point recognized by Qantas for weight & environmental reasons) and it has a slow release nozzle ensuring the likelihood of spillage is greatly reduced.

Rebello Wines
Cheeky Rascal Cider

The packaging is designed specifically for our target market with innovations in POS for retailers. For the packaging design we took inspiration from street art, punk music culture, print making, circus, paintings by Gill DeMace, Japanese tattoos and Japanese Harijuku girls.

Slim Secrets Pty Ltd
Slim Secrets Protein Shot – Creamy Berries

Presented in a handy shake ‘n take bottle, Slim Secrets Protein Shots are designed to fit in a gym bag, while also containing enough formulation to deliver multiple positive health benefits. Given the lead consumers are weight and health conscious women, the lean hour glass packaging has strong visual appeal and is conveniently sized.


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