Food Challenge Awards Finalists: Food Safety & Innovation in Non-Food

The Food Challenge Award 2011 Food Safety & Innovation in Non-Food category is sponsored by HACCP Australia.

Activeion International
Activeion ionator EXP

The ionator EXP from Activeion is a handheld device that uses an electrical charge to temporarily ionize regular tap water and transform it into a powerful cleaner and sanitizer – without using chemicals.

Altro APAC Pty Ltd  
Altro K30 Safety Flooring

Altro K30 is a 3mm thick flooring designed for safety in wet and greasy conditions where frequent spillage is likely. This product is therefore ideally suited for, and commonly used in, commercial kitchens and other food-handling environments. Boasting the highest rating possible for slip resistance in a resilient floor, it minimises the risk of slipping in these heavy traffic areas.

Flexsil-lid Pty Ltd 

Made from Food Grade silicon and using its patented ‘lip-lock’ design, the Flexsil-lid is designed to fit all standard Gastronorms or steam pans, covering the contents to maintain freshness longer when stored, or speed up the cooking time if used in ovens. This is achieved by trapping the heat inside the pan acting as an incubator.

Onergy Pty Ltd 
Onergy endoCube

The endoCube is a NON-Electrical / NON- Mechanical Food simulant contained in an enclosure. When retrofitted onto existing Air Temperature sensors in refrigerators & freezers, they ensure the sensors monitor ‘Food’ temperature rather than ‘Air’ temperature.

BASF- The Chemical Company 
Phantom Insecticide

Phantom insecticide is a major breakthrough in pest control for Australia, with unique properties that make it unlike other insecticides. The really important and unique physical property of Phantom is that it is undetectable to pests. This means they will not avoid the treated areas and unknowingly pick up a lethal dose.


Baxx is an airbourne pathogen removal system, which uses hydroxyls produced by a cold plasma field. Maintenance free, the Baxx kills bacteria, viruses, mould and fungus by disrupting the pathogen’s cell walls.

Testo Pty Ltd 
Testo 175-T2

The testo 175 series consists of four compact data loggers for the measurement of temperature and humidity. All data loggers include a USB and SD interface, creating a simple readout of the data. The high memory capacity of 2 million measurement readings and the power supply using conventional batteries are further advantages of the products. In addition, the instrument includes a free user friendly software, testo ComSoft Basic 5.

Aeris Environmental  

Aeris Hygiene Services is Aeris’s cold storage service division specifically set up to provide biofilm remediation and protection for all types of cooling (FDC’s, humidifiers, AHU’s) circuits in commercial scale cold storage facilities. A specifically formulated AerisGuard multi-enzymatic cleaning solution digests the biofilm allowing for it’s removal, while a specially formulated protective coating provides up to 6 months protection from further biofilm contamination.


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