FOOD Challenge Awards Finalists

FOOD Magazine presents the 2008 Challenge Awards finalists, comprised of an immense variety of food manufacturing companies and products that have most successfully demonstrated product innovation and excellence in their chosen fields over the past year.

Since their inception four years ago, the Awards have gained momentum and grabbed the attention of industry heavyweights and individual, smaller players alike. The Awards are a great opportunity for these two sectors of our food industry to come together. This year’s Awards are the biggest ever, and the excitement surrounding the nominees’ entries has been simply overwhelming.

Competing for a Challenge Award provides companies with an opportunity to showcase their finest achievements, instilling in everyone involved with the products a true sense of pride and prestige. For those who win, it offers a chance to be recognized by their peers and to capitalise on the significant publicity generated. This becomes apparent when reflecting on where last year’s winners of the Awards now find themselves.

Innovation and excellence is rewarded once a year with a Challenge trophy, but is achieved in the every day work of the manufacturers who make our food and drink processing industries some of the best in the world.

FOOD Magazine would like to wish a sincere congratulations to all of this year’s finalists, and to thank them for all the hard work involved in putting together their nominations.

The FOOD Challenge Awards are proudly sponsored by Heat and Control.

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.

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