Food Frontier grows with transition of new CEO

Food Frontier

Food Frontier, not-for-profit advisor on alternative proteins, have commenced the search for its next CEO with current CEO and founder Thomas King planning to transition as the organisation’s executive chair. 

Food Frontier advises businesses, innovators and policymakers through reports, partnerships and events to create a safer, more sustainable and diversified supply of proteins. 

Introducing a new CEO will expand Food Frontier’s capacity to deliver a continually increasing scope of projects, partnerships and thought leadership engagements. It will also further the organisation’s fundraising and development. 

“Since its inception, Food Frontier has taken a nimble yet wide-reaching approach to executing our mission of growing the young and promising field of alternative proteins,” King said. 

“This key hire will enable us to further accelerate our reach and impact during the organisation’s next critical phase of evolution.” 

The company is well positioned for this next critical phase of its evolution, having firmly established its place as one of the lead educators and facilitators in the alternative proteins ecosystem within Australia. In the past two years, Food Frontier has built a highly skilled team with expertise in strategy, research, communications, operations, policy and industry to grow the organisation’s reach and impact. 

King will continue to provide considered input as Food Frontier’s founder both during and in the aftermath of this transition, marking a natural evolution of his role. 

The new CEO will gradually assume key responsibilities as King transitions to executive chair within the next six months, ensuring a smooth changeover which best serves the company’s partners across the agriculture and food industries, government and others engaged in Australia and New Zealand’s alternative proteins ecosystem. 

“As the organisation’s founder, I will continue to provide considered input to Food Frontier’s strategy, while at the same time gaining more space for deep work and thinking to help guide our new CEO and highly capable team,” King said. 

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