Food manufacturing gets its own reality TV show

Move over Masterchef, food manufacturing now has its own reality TV show, giving everyday cooks the chance to have their favourite recipes available on supermarket shelves across the country.

Carolyn Creswell, founder of popular museli brand, Carman's, has signed up as one of the show's three mentors, alongside Darren Robertson, chef at Bronte's Three Blue Ducks restaurant, and advertising expert David Nobay.

Coming soon to Channel 10, Recipe to Riches gives enthusiastic home cooks the chance to get their favourite recipe on the shelf at Woolworth's 890 stores.

"I'm so excited to find the next supermarket success story," Creswell said.

The show will follow contestants as they work to prove their recipe can be cooked on a commercial scale, while also create a brand for the product and creating strategies to market it to the public.

The day after each episode is aired, the winning product will be available at Woolworths outlets across the country.

Watch the Recipe to Riches promo here.


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