Food map to help small farm products


The Slow Food Hobart conference is to create a map of food produced by small farms. The plan is to make it available as a smartphone app.

As reported in the Mercury, the map will aim to connect farmers and producers with chefs, cooks and consumers; and to let the public know where the food we eat comes from.

Amorelle Dempster, an Australian councillor for Slow Food International said, "We are setting out a strategy to educate the consumer to make the connection of what is local, then source and use it," she said.

She said that small producers are essential to the Tasmanian community and deserve to be highlighted because they offer a variety of sustainable foods.

"People can then access what is local and seasonal. The project is good for farmers because it creates a new market for them," Dempster said.

Slow Food Hobart spokeswoman, Jenny Dudgeon said that the map is part of the organisation’s efforts to defend the country's food diversity and heritage.

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