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US the blind policy giant puts farmers before food
In a perverse sort of way, the failure of the G20 finance ministers meeting over the weekend could be seen as an indicator of increasing confidence in global economic recovery. Without the blow torch of crisis to concentrate minds, the world’s supposed economic leaders fell back into self-serving politics and platitudes. Sydney Morning Herald

Meat-lovers get food for thought in futuristic US lab
The growth of "cultured" or in-vitro meat may be a vital step towards solving the global food crisis and fighting hunger in the future, says biologist Vladimir Mironov. It may also be used on the first trip to Mars where it’s impractical to bring a cow on a six-month mission on a space shuttle… The Independent

India passes food security bill
India’s Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has said the Empowered Group of Ministers has cleared the draft of the Food Security Bill. The Bill will enable every person in India who is Below the Poverty Line to receive 25 kilograms of wheat or rice per month at the rate of Rupees three or 0.065 per kilogram. The Indian Express

Canada reveals allergen labelling plans
The Canadian government has unveiled plans to strengthen labelling of allergens and sources of gluten, giving industry 18 months to comply, in order to better inform those with food allergies or celiac disease. Foodnavigator-usa.com

New EU packaging guidelines aim for 100% PET recyclability
Leading industry trade associations are encouraging their members to follow a new set of guidelines to ensure that PET bottles are compatible with recycling facilities. The “Design for Recycling Guidelines” is a set of criteria established by the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) which aims to improve the quality and economic viability of PET recycling, recommending 100 per cent recyclability of PET. Foodproductiondaily.com

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