Food Safe 21.5” PhanTAM IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Industrial Panel PC

Interworld Electronics is excited to introduce the new PhanTAM-921C series of rugged, stainless steel Panel PCs from APLEX Technology.

The PhanTAM-921C series improves on previous stainless steel solutions, with an updated Intel 11th Gen. Core i3(Dual Core)/i5(Quad Core) BGA type processor (supports up to 64GB DDR4 RAM), updated ultra slim front frame design, the ability to be used in landscape or portrait mode, and a waterproof antenna cover, which removes the risk of bending/breaking antennas.

Just like the ViTAM series, the PhanTAM-921C series is designed for a wide variety of industrial applications where sanitation is of serious concern, including food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and clean rooms.

The PhanTAM-921C series offers a highly protective panel solution, going beyond the basic standard, by achieving IP66 and IP69K-certified protection with M12 connectors.

The 304 (or optional 316) fully enclosed stainless steel chassis of the PhanTAM-921C series makes it an ideal option for the food and beverage manufacturing industry due to its slim design, high corrosion resistance, and germ resistance, helping to prevent any bacterial contamination.

Stainless steel also makes the chassis easy to clean (capable of withstanding high-pressure cleaning), increases the life cycle of the chassis due to its rugged nature, and helps to lower the cost of maintenance. The addition of new hygienic bolts with blue silicone rubber o-rings, further helps to prevent water, dust, and even bacteria accumulation, while still allowing for adaptability with mounting options.

The PhanTAM-921C series is available in a 21.5” TFT-LCD display, and now comes in a modern ultra-thin frame, which not only improves the design, but also helps to reduce the weight of the system.

The addition of waterproof antenna covers, allows companies to make use of a range of antenna options (4G LTE, 5G, BT & Wi-Fi), while not having to worry about bending/breaking antennas. This further improves storage options, and makes cleaning easier as well.

The fanless design of the PhanTAM-921C series makes it easier to maintain the equipment and further helps to prevent the accumulation of dust.

The optional PCAP touch screen with 7H anti-scratch surface helps to improve usability, while also providing the screen with tough protection. Optional high brightness features also help to make the screen visible in increased sunlight areas.

This series has a wide range power input of 9~36V DC, and a wide range operating temperature of 0~50°C or -20~60°C (optional upgrade).

The PhanTAM-921C series is extremely adaptable, with a range of I/O and RFID options available to suit your needs, including a HDMI output allowing users to connect a second screen.

The PhanTAM-921C series also offers a range of versatile mounting solutions including, floor stands, swing arms, wall mounts, desktop mounts, and VESA mounts, making it suitable for most applications.

The PhanTAM-921C can also be mounted in either landscape mode or portrait mode, making it even more adaptable to a range of applications.

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