Food safety projects receive funding boost

From Sydney’s CBD to the Murrumbidgee, nine projects and education campaigns have received $25,000 in funding to improve food safety and enforcement across NSW.

Minister for Primary Industries Tony Kelly said the grants are administered by the Food Regulation Partnership and are aimed at improving food regulation across NSW.

“This funding is going towards many worthwhile projects to educate industry and consumers across NSW,” Mr Kelly said.

“Some of the projects include education campaigns for school canteens, sporting kiosks, caterers and kebab shops.

“Other projects are aimed at improving food handling and temperature control or providing resources for environmental health officers.

“This investment shows just how serious the NSW Government is about food safety and it should also be the number one priority of all food businesses.”

Chief Executive Officer with the NSW Food Authority, Alan Coutts, said the projects will help prevent foodborne illness. “Foodborne illness affects about 5.4 million Australians each year,” Mr Sutherland said.

“The top causes of foodborne illness include poor hygiene, temperature abuse, incorrect cooking and cross contamination.

“We received 16 applications for grants in total, which were all excellent projects, of which nine were successful.

“These grants are just one of many worthwhile food safety initiatives which the NSW Food Authority is currently working on with industry and consumers.”

Successful projects:

· Blue Mountains City Council — $3,192 for education programs for kebab shops and school canteens

· Central Sydney Regional Food Group – $5,000 for improving consistency (eg newsletter, factsheets).

· Cessnock City Council – $1,330 for a temperature control and cleanliness awareness campaign.

· City of Canada Bay Council – $5,000 for a food business star rating project.

· City of Sydney – $4,500 for a health promotional campaign on safety of ready to eat raw egg dressings used in catering.

· Hornsby Council and Warringah Council – $3,000 for food safety education kit for school canteens and sporting kiosks.

· Murrumbidgee Food Liaison Group – $1,500 for safe food handling calendar project.

· Penrith City Council – $800 for inspection procedures manual for new environmental health officers.

· Penrith City Council – $500 for “Nibbles” self assessment tool software program for Food Regulation Partnership portal.

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