Meeting the 2030 food waste targets

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in partnership with the Australasian Waste Recycling Expo 2020, are inviting all members and industry colleagues to attend a free webinar on 25 November which will discuss how to find the balance between the 2025 Packaging and 2030 Food Waste Targets.
Everyone in the world has a role to play in meeting two important targets:
1. 2025 Global and Local Packaging Targets and
2. Food Waste Targets.
Neither is mutually exclusive and when there is talk about pivoting a business to become more sustainable inside and out it is critical that businesses understand both goals and what they really mean to a business.
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The webinar will include a panel discussion with Nerida Kelton MAIP Kelton, (AIP)), Alan Adams MAIP (Sealed Air), Michael Dossor MAIP (Result Group), Warwick Armstrong MAIP (Plantic) and Ralph Moyle CPP FAIP (AIP).
The panel of experts are here to help you look at your own footprint and what road you need to take to become more sustainable as a business.

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