FoodByUs sees 33 per cent increase in NSW since lockdown lifted

The Sydney-based food-tech company, FoodByUs, has experienced a 33 per cent sales increase in NSW since the dining restrictions were lifted. In addition to seeing many of Sydney’s best restaurants opening back up to dine-in customers, the uplift in sales is also due to FoodByUs welcoming 20,000 in one month, accounting for around 15 per cent of its weekly orders.

The online marketplace supplies first class produce to restaurants in Sydney, but decided to open to consumers in March as 80 per cent of hospitality trade sales dipped following Covid-19 lockdown laws. This has been a success, allowing wholesalers to keep staff employed and enabling consumers to save huge amounts on their grocery bills with the added convenience of free delivery.

“The NSW hospitality industry has been starting to feel a taste of the new normal after one of the most difficult times the industry might face. In NSW, this has been echoed by a FoodByUs sales increase of 33% since the dining restrictions were lifted on 15th May to allow 10 diners, then 50 diners from 1st June. In the leadup to the 1st June, we experienced a week of record sales as venues geared up to reopen their doors. We hope we can avoid a second wave and any further restrictions added to those announced on Tuesday 14th July,” said managing director Ben Lipschitz.

“We recognised a need to help our wholesalers stay afloat after hospitality trade dropped around 80% overnight following the lockdown laws. We also recognised a need to supply top quality produce to consumers who were trying to avoid leaving their homes and weren’t finding what they needed at supermarkets due to such high demand. We’re pleased we were able to help wholesalers keep their staff on board while maintaining some income for already hard-hit Australian farmers,” said Lipschitz.


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