FOODLUBE® – Lube up equipment lifespan

ROCOL FOODLUBE® offers food-grade and safe lubricants that have been specially formulated to effectively meet the demands of the F&B industry.

Lubricants are critical for keeping equipment running smoothly and efficiently in the food and beverage/packaging industry. One brand in particular, ROCOL FOODLUBE®, goes above and beyond in offering a range of food-grade and safe lubricants that have been specially formulated to effectively meet the high demands of this industry.

One of the key benefits of ROCOL FOODLUBE® is its ability to withstand high temperatures. Food processing equipment consistently operates at elevated temperatures and lubricants need to manage handling various levels of heat without breaking down or evaporating.

FOODLUBE® MultiPaste in particular can operate at extremely high temperatures, retaining its consistency even in the most humid of environments with the ability to operate in temperatures up to 450°C, extending component life, and saving valuable time and money.

Across the board, ROCOL FOODLUBE® has the ability to resist water washdown, chemicals, oil, and other substances.

Food and beverage processing often involves exposure to liquids that can cause conventional lubricants to break down quickly.

ROCOL Foodlube is designed to offer effective resistance to these, ensuring equipment continues to run smoothly without the need for constant maintenance.

ROCOL Foodlube products provide effective defence against corrosion, reducing the need for costly repairs and equipment downtime longer term.

For added peace of mind, the ROCOL FOODLUBE® Range has globally recognised NSF accreditation and HACCP certification.

FOODLUBE is also halal, kosher and vegan certified, with added safety assurance through their ISO 21469:2006 certification. This ensures the solution is credible and provides the additional security that FOODLUBE® is formulated, manufactured, stored, and supplied hygienically and safely.

Integrated alongside their collection of protective lubricants, ROCOL also provides a detectable plastic component technology called DETEX®.

These high-grade plastic actuators and caps are easily captured by standard x-ray & metal detection equipment used in many food processing environments, with this imaging tool providing particular use for tracing dislodged or missing small parts.

This is invaluable to the food and beverage and related packaging industry by working to decrease the risk of contamination and batch recalls.

ROCOL is changing the game when it comes to lubricants. From previous audits conducted, they found that customers sometimes use many different lubricants from multiple different brands. This can sometimes heighten risk as many brands may not equal the standards of the FOODLUBE® range.

However, by staying loyal to this particular brand, the customer has assurance that all FOODLUBE® solutions complement each other effectively, diminishing the need for sourcing solutions elsewhere.

Motion supplies the full range of ROCOL FOODLUBE® products to customers, offering detailed consultation from our industry experts.

This includes attending site inspections to determine how the range of lubrication products can be best applied for various industrial machinery. Working with the team at ROCOL, Motion is pleased to assist every customer with inventory consolidation and maintenance processes.

Product Snapshot

  • ROCOL FOODLUBE ® Spray – Suitable for all-round light application on small bearings, pins, bushes, and slides
  • ROCOL FOODLUBE® PREMIER Grease – A good all round grease that provides enhanced lubrication on a broad range of applications including high-speed and over a wide range of temperatures
  • ROCOL FOODLUBE® Multi-Paste – Food grade anti-seize that can be used as a drilling, tapping and cutting compound minimising the number of additional products required on site

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