Foodtech Packtech 2008

New Zealand’s only dedicated food technology and packaging trade event, Foodtech Packtech 2008, runs 21 to 23 October at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds.

“The response has been fantastic and it’s looking like it’s going to be a great show,” said show organisers dmg work media’s Irene Smith. “We have slightly more area than in 2006, and it’s all under one roof in the revamped ASB Showgrounds complex. We’re really excited about this event, particularly as it’s endorsed by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (NZIFST).

“Exhibitors, too, recognise this value to the industry and go all out to provide visitors with a great business experience. Many have brand new systems and technology on show, with a lot of it operating to make a proper hands-on evaluation possible. Visitors will also have on-site access to the top people from each of the companies, including many of the key people from their overseas manufacturers and partners.

Among the exhibitors looking forward to the three packed days is Food Processing Equipment’s Tania Carey.

“We’ll have the latest X-Ray technology from Smiths Detection. We’ve represented Smiths since February 2007. We came into contact with them through our own efforts to develop a machine for reading the chemical lean (CL) in boxed meat. Smiths Detections overall capabilities certainly don’t just start and stop with CL analysis. For instance, the Smiths Detection Eagle Carton FA can simultaneously analyse CL, weight and Foreign Objects in-line, which offers a meat processor a whole spectrum of benefits.”

Tania said the Smiths Detection Technology can be used throughout the food industry in many applications where contaminant detection is necessary.

Another exhibitor with well-advanced plans for Foodtech Packtech is Newsmith Pacific Systems. According to sales manager Graeme Topp, the company is a “subsidiary of Newsmith Stainless in the UK who manufacture industrial washing machines and conveyor systems with sales throughout Europe and the USA and Australasia. Over a year ago they decided to set up a manufacturing operation based in Christchurch to supply equipment into New Zealand and Australia, and we are also manufacturing equipment to go back in to the UK.

“Besides conveyor, rack and tray washers for bins, trays and utensils we also manufacture conveyor systems, plastic crate stackers, loaders and unloaders, pie machines for both standard meat pies and also for pie shells in foils, meat cookers, depositors, special purpose processing equipment and pastry glazing equipment.

“Visitors to our stand will also get the good oil on the Oddy range. Among the equipment are bread roll lines that include divider/rounders, make-up tables and provers, and bread plait and knot machines which produce authentic looking product without the need for skilled labour. Another range visitors can check out is from Oliver Douglas. They manufacture a smaller range of industrial washers including front loading and a conveyor/tunnel washer that allows for one person operation and a length of only three metres.

“We’ll also have information and displays of a whole lot more, including Tagliavini ovens from Italy with a range of deck and rack ovens which are very economical and have very low energy consumption; Burgess food equipment from the UK and their range of heavy duty pastry equipment and fruit block breaking and washing equipment for raisins and sultanas; Alba and Teknoservice S.r.L pastry equipment from Italy including pastry make up tables, and laminating lines and croissant machines in a range of capacities.

Topp said that visitors will be able to check out new products including the Oddy plait and knot machine which solves a large problem economically, and the range of Alba pastry equipment — while it has been made in Europe and also exported to the USA for many years, it is new to this market and represents very good value.

According to Irene Smith, when you need new technology or equipment, it pays to compare brands. “With one visit to Foodtech Packtech you can see all the big names and really weigh up the benefits of each before you make the big decision. You can then be sure you are getting the very best. You’ll also be able to see new technology in action and talk with the experts about how best to solve your business problems. Exhibitors come armed with quality product. They are skilled in their industries and are primed to give you the best possible advice and the best possible price on the products and services you need.

“Seminars and workshops will be also held alongside Foodtech Packtech, with details on the website as they’re confirmed.

“Exhibitors at Foodtech Packtech are New Zealand’s major manufacturers, processors, producers, importers and exporters across a wide range of industries including packaging; labels and labelling equipment; packaging machinery; packaging systems; shrink wrap solutions; storage systems; barcode packaging; boxes, cases and cartons; warehousing systems; baking packaging; blister packaging; bottles and jars; canning; food technology; processing equipment and systems; quality control technology; food and beverage ingredients; research and development; packaging machinery, materials and systems; storage systems; distribution networks; meat and produce; industry associations; education; liquid packaging; tapes; fish and seafood packaging; and containers.”

Foodtech Packtech is a trade-only event with free entry.

For further information contact:

Irene Smith

Exhibition Sales Manager

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