Foodtech Packtech visitor seminar series

With just over a week to go until the show, the outlines for the Foodtech Packtech seminar series have been announced.

Discussing how businesses can integrate innovation, sustainability and the requirements of the new environmental legislation as a complete business model, the seminars will bring together a series of leadership presentations, facilitated workshops and practical sustainability reporting tools to enable visitors to take back to their businesses up to date information on current issues affecting the industry.

The format of the series is designed to ensure maximum participation by attendees in a forum which promotes debate and information sharing, meaning every attendee has the opportunity to advance their thinking on some of the most challenging issues business faces today.

The ‘Innovation’ session will provide an invaluable insight into the R&D work currently underway in New Zealand, and will demonstrate the economic mechanisms available for development of innovative products and services and how to access these.

The ‘Collaboration’ session will include the opportunity to produce a basic carbon footprint for specific businesses, measured against green house gas protocol standards.

Measuring and understanding this data will become a key business driver in the future.

The ‘Regulation’ session will bring together aspects from days one and two, and will include the opportunity to produce a basic waste management assessment for businesses, focusing on how all of the information can be used within the new regulatory frameworks to a business advantage rather than being an added cost to the business.

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