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Forklift alternative keeps F&B workers out of harm’s way

The Combilift-CS is a pedestrian reach stacker with a patented multi-purpose tiller arm that helps address the safety concerns.

The food and beverage sector presents a range of safety risks due to its unique operational nature.

From unwanted slip hazards to machinery accidents, the need for reducing such events is crucial in minimising the incidence of workplace injuries across the sector. This was the primary motivation in developing the Combilift-CS.

The Combilift-CS is a pedestrian reach stacker with a patented multi-purpose tiller arm that helps address the safety concerns that come with working in limited aisle space.

“The Combilift-CS tiller arm allows the operator to move the machine from an offset position, which means it is incredibly safe. This function avoids the chance for the user to be trapped between racking or other equipment on the warehouse floor as well as the machine itself,” said Chris Littlewood, country manager for Combilift Australia.

“The tiller arm can be turned to the left or right to allow the operator to remain at the side. This enables full visibility of the load and forks, while maintaining full steering control, providing greater awareness of the surroundings for enhanced overall safety.”

Combilift’s recent appearance at the Australian 2023 FoodPro event saw both small to medium enterprise interest in the Combi-CS. A key selling point is that the pedestrian reach stacker is intrinsically safe.

“The Combilfit-CS is a great option for the food and beverage sector because it doesn’t require a forklift license to operate. This presents a significant attraction for clients, along with all the features that make it intrinsically safe,” says Chris. “This means businesses don’t have to recruit people with a license or upskill their existing staff, and it offers a viable, safe alternatively to traditional forklift machinery.”

The Combilift-CS is a part of the company’s pedestrian range of machines, and encompasses an abundance of key features and benefits:

Combilift-CS key features and benefits:

  • Power steering
  • AC Motor Technology
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Patented multi-position tiller arm
  • 800kg to 4000kg lift capacity
  • Variable speed controls
  • Foot-level bumpers for minimising foot injuries.

Whilst Combilfit currently holds more than 50 models of forklifts, Chris emphasises that if customers can’t find the right model for their needs, Combilift will design one for them.

“All our models can be customised, specifically to suit the needs of the customer – and that’s what really differentiates us from your average forklift provider.”

“The Combilift-CS is ideal for the food and beverage sector, focusing on processing and production floors, where a significant interaction occurs between individuals and machinery. Its purpose is to minimise such interactions, thereby reducing accidents, and increasing overall workplace safety,” he concludes.

Interested to learn more, click this link, to get in touch with Combilift’s experts today.

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