Former Amcor exec accused of industrial espionage

A former Sales Vice President of Amcor in California has been accused by the packaging giant of plotting to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of confidential data.

Amcor have begun legal proceedings against Charles McHugh after suspecting the former employee of conspiring, with his father, co-defendant William L McHugh, of unlawfully taking trade secrets valued at above US$300,000.

Thomson Reuters News & Insight reported that Mr. McHugh had begun working at Amcor in California in 1994 as a Sales Representative and, having performed well, was made a member of Amcor’s President Club, an exclusive reward for the company’s top 25 sales staff.

Around 2009, McHugh is said to have begun forming his own company called Value Added Packaging & Printing with his father. Thomson Reuter said that Amcor have claim this was taking place while Mr. McHugh was still working for the company and that he “converted, stole, misused and misappropriated” Amcor property, including confidential and proprietary client and marketing files.

Amcor have accused the Mr. McHugh of attempting to drawing clients away from Amcor and into Value Added.

The court papers have said that Mr. McHugh “led Amcor’s customers to believe that Value Added and another company were simply outside manufacturers that Amcor utilized to fulfil orders. Amcor customers were led to believe that their accounts continued to be serviced as Amcor accounts, even though the products were shipped directly from the manufacturer and the invoices were mailed by the manufacturer.”

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