FormRite sponsors new pet food category for Challenge Awards

The FormRite Group is a proud sponsor of the NEW Pet Food category in the Food Challenge Awards for 2009!

General manager of the FormRite Group, Greg Jung said his company knows how it feels to win awards in such competitive environments.

“It’s a boost to a company’s image in the market place and secures a greater presence in the minds of retailers when it comes to selecting shelf positioning,” he said.

“It’s one thing to produce a great product, package it and put it on the shelf, it’s quite another thing to meet sales targets when the product looks bland and blends in with the competition.”

Jung said there’s no competition for a visual difference that will make a product stand out from the crowd.

“By sponsoring this new pet food category, we will help to encourage products with presence, to be innovative in the usage of new packaging processes and ingredients, be highly visible with eye catching labeling and use of POP displays that literally are in-the-face of customers,” Jung said.

“This sponsorship rewards bold, new ideas of smaller companies and helps them compete on a level playing field against the big boys.”

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