Fosroc Nitoflor FC150 HP, a multi-use HACCP certified concrete flooring solution

Fosroc Nitoflor FC150 HP, a multi-use HACCP certified concrete flooring solution

Fosroc Nitoflor FC150 HP is a solvent-free, high build epoxy coating with low-to-no odour, that protects concrete floors from chemicals and abrasion.

It can be used as a standalone product or combined with Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains to meet slip resistance requirements.  Nitoflor FC150 HP is HACCP certified making it an ideal choice for areas with strict hygiene requirements including food production or processing industries, food preparation areas and kitchens.

As a standalone product straight from the pack, Nitoflor FC150 HP can be used to seal concrete floors and epoxy floor screeds, or as a high-quality protective coating for bunds, coves and drains within production areas.  It protects floors from a range of chemicals, including ammonia, vegetable oils, hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride, ensuring it will withstand regular cleaning regimes with common cleaning chemicals.

With excellent wear and abrasion resistance Nitoflor FC150 HP can withstand the action of forklift vehicles and commercial traffic in warehouse areas.  For added abrasion resistance in extra heavy duty areas, it can be over coated with Fosroc Nitoflor PA, a 100 per cent solids polyaspartic coating.  Nitoflor PA is also HACCP certified.

Nitoflor FC150 HP is also available in a rapid cure version, Nitoflor FC150 HP-FC, which can be walked on in six hours and driven on in 12 hours, ensuring quick return to service.  The standard formula has a 24-hour cure time for foot traffic and requires 72 hours before accepting vehicle traffic.

Nitoflor FC150 HP is available in a standard range of colours, including 11 Australian standard colours, making it ideal for demarcation of work and safety zones.  Custom colours can be provided on request.

For more information visit fosroc.com.au.

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