Four Pillars: Award winning, solar powered gin

Four Pillars ‘Olive Leaf Gin’ was awarded the World’s Best Signature Botanical Gin last week at the 2021 World Gin Awards. The gin was produced with solar energy utilising their 65.88 kW solar system that was recently installed onto the roof of their Healesville distillery.

Designed by Cherry Energy Solutions, the solar system is anticipated to save the distillery $12, 800 each year and cut their greenhouse emissions by 1,600t of carbon dioxide over the entire span of the project.

The new installation was financed through the Environmental Upgrade Agreement, a government enabled program designed to improve buildings environmental performance. Four Pillars was funded by the Sustainable Australia fund, and marks the seventh Environment Upgrade agreement in the Yarra Range Councils

“It’s an absolute ‘win-win’ for the businesses that have jumped on board,” said Cr Fiona McAllister, Mayor of Yarra Ranges Council.

But McKenzie says the new solar system isn’t just about saving costs.

“Environmentally it’s 100% the right thing to do and we get great feedback from customers who walk through the door,” McKenzie said.

Four Pillars currently has plans for a $6 million expansion designed by sustainable firm Breathe Architecture. This also includes plans to add more solar power and waste reduction abilities into the new gin distillery.

“If there’s an option anywhere in the business to be more sustainable, we’ll always try. This goes for power, water, waste, recycling,” said McKenzie. “We can always improve in these areas, so when it’s made very easy like our solar system, it becomes a no-brainer.”

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