Four’n Twenty craft beer pies

The first batch of Four’N Twenty craft beer pies rolls out today in Coles and Independent Retailer stores nationally.

The pies are a nimble twist on a Four’N Twenty, spiking Australian Angus beef mince with three distinctly different flavour variations, Peppered Beef pie with Dark Stout, Smoky-style Beef pie with Pale Ale and Classic Beef pie with Golden Ale.

An intriguing combination – craft beer in a meat pie – It’s a tasty emblem of grassroots Australian business. 100 per cent Australian angus beef is paired with craft beers from local Grand Ridge Brewery in Gippsland, Victoria.

Grand Ridge Brewery founder, Eric Walters is an Angus beef farmer come brewer who was very selective on what pie brand he partnered with, “We all love a Four’N Twenty, so we chose to work with Four’N Twenty based on their stellar heritage and emotional connection with Australia the world over,” he said.

For Four’N Twenty, the marriage of angus beef and beer was based on a keen understanding of consumers tastes – both male and female. The new range was quoted by participants in consumer focus groups as “something a little bit special”.

Four’N Twenty’s selected to work with Grand Ridge Brewery based on its local and International reputation for consistent top-quality beers.

“We engage in insight led innovation at Four’N Twenty – we research, listen to consumers and give them what they want. With the Craft Beer Pie, we wanted to make sure it was unique and something new that all Aussies will love,” said Anand Surujpal, General Manager – Marketing & Innovation.

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