Four’n Twenty launches hand-held lasagne

Four’n Twenty has created the Topper, the first product from the company that is not a pie.

The Topper is a hand-held crispy breadcrumb parcel that comes with three filling options,  Lasagne, Mac ‘N Cheese and Chicken Cordon Bleu. An entirely new product for the brand in Australia, the flavour range can be found in Woolworths nationwide and its own category on Wikipedia today.

“Four’n Twenty is proud to launch this completely new product to Australia. We have bridged the gap between a snack and a meal with delicious food on the move. We know Aussies will embrace the Four’N Twenty Topper just as much as they love and cherish all of our creations,” said Four’n Twenty CEO, Paul Hitchcock.

In March, the company conducted a survey with a group of 1,000 consumers to evaluate the new Four’N Twenty Toppers concept. On appeal, price, brand fit and consumption occasion more than 60 per cent of target consumers were hungry for the product, with the most excitement around the three flavours, the crispy bread crumbed shells and the convenience.

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