Four’n Twenty pies more popular than ever

Australia’s iconic meat pie, Four’n Twenty, is celebrating its 70th birthday this year with record sales and new research that shows the meat pie is now more popular than ever.

Roy Morgan Research’s latest findings show the number of Australians (aged 14+) who like eating pies (and pasties) has grown from 8.1 million (42.6%) in 2013, to 9.4 million (47.5%).

That’s almost 1 out of every 2 Australian adults who enjoy meat pies – and the number is growing.

The increasing popularity of meat pies is reflected in the growing sales of Australia’s biggest selling pie brand, Four’n Twenty.

The company’s GM Marketing & Innovation, Stuart Smyth, says sales of Four’N Twenty pies are growing by 19% in supermarkets, and 2% in convenience stores.*

In 2016, Four’N Twenty sold a staggering 21 million pies, pasties and sausage rolls. That’s more than 57,000 consumed each day.

According to Smyth, meat pies have long been Australia’s favourite food because of their taste, convenience and value. The continuing growth in the company’s sales has been driven by flavour innovations and increased quality.

“We are growing the market by introducing exciting new flavours. Our Limited Edition Four’N Twenty Cheeseburger Pies, and Chicken Parma Pies, have been a big hit.

“And we’ve invested in state-of-the-art cooking technology, which has enabled us to increase the quality and flavour of the meat with our popular Real Chunky range.

“Four’N Twenty has every right to the title of Australia’s national dish – the Great Australian Taste – and that looks set to continue for a long, long time,” Smyth said.

The company will soon launch a consumer promotion celebrating its 70th year which will feature the great Aussie sense of humour for which the brand has become famous.

* IRI AZTEC, National Australia Grocery + P&C scan database, total $ sales vs YA, total FNT, MAT 29.01.17







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