FRDC: How Australian consumers support sustainable seafood

As part of the Sustainable Seafood Week, held from the 8 to 14 of March, the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) asked individuals from all parts of the seafood supply chain how they contribute to and support sustainable seafood.

Karina Hall, a senior research scientist at NSW DPI said her studies help to establish sustainability statuses of finfish and marine invertebrate while Bart Butson chairman of Fairfish South Australia produces and supports other fisheries to fish sustainably.

Meanwhile, Jamie Steel, sous chef at Aurora restaurant in Adelaide says they source and cook with underutilised species of fish.

Patrick Hone, managing director of FRDC says that their role at FRDC is to ensure the best science underpins sustainable practice in Australia’s seafood.

FRDC ensures that the science underpinning Australia’s regulation and reporting mechanisms for fisheries and aquaculture is funded.

They are responsible for the Status Australian Fish Stock (SAFS) Reports, a comprehensive report on the sustainability of fish stocks done in 2018 as well as updating current fish stock availability here.

FRDC  has also released Shark Report Card, Healthcheck and Whichfish, all informational sites providing data on current fish stocks.

The full video on sustainable seafood and how consumers help can be viewed here.


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