Freedom Foods commences free-from manufacturing

Freedom Foods has commenced production on its range of cereals and biscuits at its manufacturing plant in Leeton, Regional NSW.

According to the company, it is the country’s largest “free-from” manufacturing plant, which means it is free-from peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and sesame seeds.

“The company’s $20 million investment in the free-from category creates choice, quality and peace of mind for thousands of people suffering food allergies – particularly peanuts and tree nuts,” Rory Macleod, Freedom Foods executive director, said.

“From ingredient harvesting and milling, to product manufacturing, we now have large scale capabilities that will address the day-to-day challenges people with food allergies experience when it comes to selecting foods like breakfast cereals and snacks.

“All products are tested, safeguarding people against cross contamination with any ingredients responsible for some of Australia’s most severe and life threatening allergies.”

Freedom Range said it will be producing its range of children’s cereal, Tropic0s and Cocoa Puffs, at its plant.


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