Fresh innovation for a sustainable future

Today’s competitive corrugated market is being innovated through the launch of a new generation of packaging solutions for chilled goods.

Building on earlier successes with the Amcor SureFresh range of black PET laminates for fresh produce, Amcor’s packaging solutions team have developed this new range to deliver chilled goods in an environmentally sustainable format.

The pack is made from recycled paper fibre and functional film laminate, recently developed by Amcor’s functional coatings team and known as Thermshield, which combine to produce a light weight, environmentally friendly, corrugated material solution.

An alternative in packaging solutions for premium chilled goods is offered with the new patented air-gap insulation, dual wall pack design, utilised in conjunction with the Thermshield laminate. Scientific studies and field trials within the aquaculture industry have confirmed the performance of Amcor’s ChillFresh as the new generation environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging.

ChillFresh solutions are a scientifically engineered material and style solution that facilitates the replacement of EPS foam packaging and other non-environmentally friendly packaging formats for chilled products. As with other SureFresh laminate solutions, the new premium chilled goods packaging formats are recyclable through the current corrugated packaging recycling chain.

According to the company, ChillFresh offers customers other logistical benefits such as lower freight and storage costs of the flat packs. There are a number of ChillFresh solutions available that can either match or exceed EPS foam performance, depending on material finish and carton design features.

The solutions offer a robust construction with high scuff and impact resistance, semi leak proof design through full depth gussets, built in lateral air gap for greater insulation, and are available in both hand erect and machine erect formats.

Megan McInnes is the marketing communications coordinator for Amcor.

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