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From Bar To Can: Indulge in the creaminess of an Espresso Martini On-the-Go!

Introducing the latest addition to Ampersand Projects premium cocktail range. The Vodka & Espresso Martini.
Introducing the latest addition to Ampersand Projects cocktail range, Vodka & Espresso Martini.

The world’s smoothest and creamiest espresso martini in a can! Featuring their super smooth vodka with a cold drip coffee.
Simply chill in the fridge, give it a gentle shake for the perfect crema, and serve it in your favourite martini glass or enjoy it straight from the can.
Each 200ml can packs a punch with 7 per cent alcohol content, Retailing for $29 for a 4-pack. Available at BWS and Dan Murphy’s.
Ampersand Projects entered the market in 2018 with the launch of its first flagship product, ‘Vodka, Soda &’ – the first vodka and soda ready to drink (RTD) option in the Australian marketplace.
Since then, the Ampersand portfolio has rapidly expanded and includes different flavours, different spirits, alcohol strengths and unique packaging.
The company’s clean, minimalistic branding except for the enormous, now iconic ‘&’ emblazoned on the packaging is instantly recognisable across the entire range.
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