From harvest vine to fine wine with 3M filtration technology

The work that goes into creating award-winning wines cannot be understated. As the fields of Australian wineries become ripe for harvest season, winemakers prepare their facilities for processing wine products, with the understanding that each sip must reflect the intended flavour and texture of the quality of their grapes.

Wineries require precisely designed banked filtration systems that will pass the wine from large to small filters in a scaled process, to achieve the best looking and tasting wine possible.

CBC works to supply winemakers with integrated wine filtration systems that optimise the flavour and stabilise the texture of every bottle. One of the ways they achieve this, is by partnering with world leading innovators in wine filtration like 3M, according to CBC product manager for Filtration and Fluid Transfer, Michael Rowe.

“3M’s research and development into wine processing has led to ground-breaking inventions such as 3M™ Zeta Plus depth filters, the dual layer prefilter LifeASSURE BLA Series and the first Nylon membrane; LifeASSURE BA,” says Rowe.

“As a result, 3M has developed the most reliable and efficient system for optimising clarification, prefiltration, and final filtration of wine on the market.”

“In a winery, you must be attuned to the climate and consistency of the product at all times, ensuring proper filtration and no impurities,” says Michael. “Any changes in conditions can alter the temperature and taste of a wine, which could negate all the work and time put into a harvest.”

The 3M Zeta Plus H and MH series filters have been tailored by design to cater to the most demanding parameters of wine production, explains Cassandra Taylor, 3M Marketing Manager for Filtration Systems.

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