From Smart Systems to Sustainable Practices: Highlights from FOODTECH TAIPEI & BIO/PHARMATECH TAIPEI 2024

Scheduled from June 26 to 29, 2024, at the Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 in Taipei, Taiwan, FOODTECH TAIPEI & BIO/PHARMATECH TAIPEI are set to unveil the latest in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, processing, and technology.

The event promises a showcase of cutting-edge machinery and innovative solutions, reflecting the latest industry models and trends.

In an era where climate change is an ever-present concern, global entities like the United Nations and the European Union, along with governments worldwide, have laid out concrete strategies to brace for this enduring challenge. Adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), industries are pivoting towards sustainable processes and products, with energy-efficient facilities being a critical first step towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Reflecting global shifts towards the circular economy and sustainable development, food processing machinery manufacturers are embracing agility. The integration of smart technologies in production processes is enhancing both output and efficiency. Innovations such as IoT adoption and intelligent diagnostic machines stand at the forefront, offering optimal solutions and precision in after-sales services.

The upcoming editions of Foodtech Taipei and Bio/Pharmatech Taiwan are poised to highlight revolutionary research, automatic technology, customized mechanical equipment, and patented technologies. Key exhibitors include ANKO, which has pioneered a smart energy system to curb emissions; KUO CHANG, renowned for its fully automated, safe, and hygienic noodle machines; DER EN, offering after-sales inspection services and machine retrofits for resource conservation; and CHANMAG, dedicated to 100% MIT production with its automated, energy-efficient equipment to bolster sustainable customer practices.

Image: Taitra.
FOODTECH TAIPEI & BIO/PHARMATECH TAIPEI 2024 will spotlight exhibitors presenting the latest in smart technologies and solutions for production processes.

Furthermore, the exhibition is enriched with a variety of side events that offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the food ecosystem and network with prominent industry players. Among these, ‘Daily Savory’ stands out as a four-day series that where each day provides a unique culinary experience, including discussions on the green food supply chain. This segment promises attendees an inspiring journey through sustainable practices from production to packaging, highlighting diverse and innovative solutions.

To further emphasize sustainability, the ‘ESG Achievement Award’ will debut at the exhibition, shining a light on companies that have made significant steps in adopting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. This award aims to celebrate and encourage the environmentally-friendly efforts within the industry, showcasing the commitment of businesses to incorporate sustainable development.

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Visit official website for more information: www.foodtech.com.tw
Pre-registration for free entry: https://reurl.cc/lgGr5E

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