Frozen berry producer awarded Hort Innovation Churchill Fellowship

Hort Innovation is proud to announce Aussie frozen berry producer Stuart McGruddy has been awarded a Hort Innovation Churchill Fellowship. These fellowships drive innovation and transformation in Australia’s horticulture industry.
For his Fellowship McGruddy will investigate how to build on the knowledge, experience and technology used in the freezing of whole soft berry fruits to help the Australian berry industry take advantage of these value-adding opportunities.
“In partnering with local growers, my company – My Berries – processes, washes, dries and freezes soft berry fruits in South East Queensland,” McGruddy said. “Imported frozen fruits typically dominate the Australian market whilst home grown fruit tend to be pureed or juiced as there is little understanding of the best manufacturing techniques for soft berries.
“I have established working relationships with retailers and manufacturers to switch to Australian grown frozen fruits. Understanding processes and techniques used in other countries will help the Australian berry industry become more efficient and knowledgeable in the freezing of their product.”
“Churchill Fellows undertake research projects that involve visiting and gaining insights from abroad to complete a research project. Research project findings provide real benefit to the Australian horticultural community,” Hort Innovation general manager research and Development, Dr Alison Anderson said.
“Hort Innovation is proud to support the Fellowships as they help to cultivate new ideas for Australian horticulture.”
Hort Innovation together with the Churchill Trust offer up to three fellowships annually to drive innovation and transformation within Australia’s horticulture industry.
The Fellowships are open to any industry participants who have an idea for a research project that can benefit the sector.

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