Fruit growers to save big with new green government grant

A new government grant, funded by carbon tax revenue, is expected to save fruit growers as much as 20 percent on their energy bills.

Apple and Pear Australia's Watts in Your Business Project is funded by the federal government’s Energy Efficiency Information Grants (EEIG) program, and is expected to help the country's apple, pear, summer fruit and cherry growers save on their energy bills.

Resources and Energy and Small Business minister, Gary Gray, said "Using energy audits, workshops, seminars, case studies and hands-on demonstrations, this project sees government, business and industry working together to understand the benefits energy efficiency can bring to small business."

"Through the EEIG program, we are engaging industry associations and non-profit organisations that have the networks and experience to help small and medium businesses from a range of sectors make informed decisions about energy efficiency," he said.

As part of the program, ongoing guidance and support is also offered to participants as they implement their energy efficiency plans.


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