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Fruit-tella launches first gluten-free, vegan jellies


Confectionary company Fruit-tella has launched Australia’s first vegan-friendly and gluten-free fruit flavoured jellies at Woolworths. 

Part of confectionary manufacturer Perfetti van Melle, Fruit-tella caters to approximately half a million vegans, 2.5 million vegetarians and one in four following a gluten-free diet. 

The new jellies come in various shapes and are marketed for Australians who are looking for more options that align with their dietary and lifestyle choices but don’t want to compromise on great tasting treats. The jellies are also free of artificial flavours and colours.

Fruit-tella is available in two variants including Gelatine Free Hippos (in apple, lemon and strawberry) and Gelatine Free Sour Wrigglers (in raspberry, apple, orange and lemon). 

“We know the supermarket shop can be a frustration for those who seeking healthier options or need to follow a restricted dietary plan. It can be challenging searching for options that meet their needs, but still deliver on taste,” Perfetti van Melle country manager Samantha Hansen said. 

“So, we wanted to create delicious treats that everyone can enjoy from parents and kids to health-conscious Aussies. We’re excited to be first in Australia to offer Fruit-tella gluten and gelatine-free fruit jellies. They’re all natural and a truly betterforyou option that puts a smile on everyone’s faces.” 

“As a mum to three kids, I know how hard it can be to find that balance of healthy yet tasty, especially when it comes to treats,” Fruit-tella ambassador and influencer mum Eleesha Quinn said. 

“With Fruit-tella, I can say yes to my kids when they ask for lollies for a special occasion and feel good about it, knowing that they’re free of any nasties and are made with real fruit juice, natural colouring and natural flavours.” 

Fruit-tella is available exclusively at Woolworths for $4.00 per packet. 

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