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Frulato releases new, clean frozen desserts


Frulatoa clean frozen dessert brand, is a fully Australian-owned company which uses 90 per cent fruit in its ingredients and developed by ex-health and community services worker, Cara. 

Produced using quality ingredients, a simple nutrition label and no artificial preservatives, Frulato’s point of difference is that it contains an extremely high proportion of fruit ingredients and does not contain dairy, soy, coconut or nuts as a base. Omitting these elements ensures the dessert is lower in fat and does not require the addition of sugar. 

The frozen dessert is completely plant-based, dairy free, gluten free, has no refined sugar and is GMO free. Additionally, it is 99.9 per cent fat free with 62 calories per serve and contains prebiotics, making it a healthy frozen dessert alternative that is gut friendly and suitable for most people to eat. 

The frozen dessert label was created by Frulato founder Cara after she had spent decades struggling with allergies and intolerances, searching for a frozen dessert which would satisfy her sweet tooth and that she could comfortably give to her children. 

After working in the health and community services sector for 20 years, Cara was also repeatedly exposed to the effect which unhealthy diets have on the community. In wanting to make a difference, the Frulato brand was born. 

A frozen dessert that harnesses a plant-based “creamy” texture, the Frulato range includes Mixed Berry, Mango and Passion Fruit flavours. 

Frulato is available in select specialty and independent grocery stores within Australia. 

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