Frutarom Health moves into Omega-3 market

Swiss company, Frutarom Health has announced its entry into the omega-3 market with deodorized DHA and EPA marine-sourced omega-3 ingredients for a range of food and beverage applications.

A report from Innova Market Insights highlighted the increasing demand for new food and drink products marketed as containing omega 3 fatty acids. The share of these types of products rose from 1.5% of total food and drinks launches tracked globally in 2011 to 1.6% in 2012, with a further rise to 1.9% evident for 2013.

According to the research, baby foods were the leading category for omega 3 claims in 2013, accounting for 17.8% of tracked products.

Holger Riemensperger, General Manager of Frutarom Health said that the company is well positioned to capitalize on the omega-3 trend as Frutarom’s ingredients do not have a negative impact on taste, and can therefore can be easily implemented into an array of food and beverage lines.

“As the leading provider of specialty fine ingredients, flavors and savory solutions, Frutarom has excellent access into the food and beverage industries, enabling it to help food manufacturers fortify food with omega-3,” said Riemensperger. “Thanks to Frutarom’s expertise, we can easily implement the new line into any food matrix, such as dairy, bakery, baby food, cereals, oils, confectionary, beverages etc. It is both deodorized and without any negative impact on the taste.”

Riemensperger says that the launch of the Omega-3 ingredients complements Frutarom’s move into the function food market.

“This step combines Frutarom’s two great strengths of strong market access and deep experience in science-based health ingredients, and follows the company’s strategic move last year into the functional food market,” notes Riemensperger. “Omega-3 perfectly fits the Health Business Unit strategy of focusing on scientifically proven, high quality health ingredients.”