FSANZ calls for submissions on GM soybean application

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) has assessed an application made by Dow AgroSciences Australia Ltd regarding the introduction of genetically modified soybean, and is now calling for submissions on the application.

Dow AgroSciences is seeking the approval of the genetically modified soybean line DAS-81419-2, which has been developed to resist several lepidopteron pests.

If approved, the Standard 1.5.2 – Food produced using Gene Technology, in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) would be amended to permit the sale and use of food derived from the GM soybean.

FSANZ has conducted a safety assessment of the soybean line and has stated that no potential public health or safety concerns have been identified.

“Based on the data provided in the present application, and other available information, food derived from soybean line DAS-81419-2 is considered to be as safe for human consumption as food derived from conventional soybean cultivars,” reads the FSANZ call for submissions statement.

At present, genetically modified soybean is not permitted to be grown within Australia, and is currently imported from the United States for stock feed. Imported GM soybean products such as soy lecithin and additive 322 are also widely used as an ingredient in processed foods such as confectionery, breads, potato chips and spreads.


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