FSANZ online seminars

FSANZ is making educational seminars available to food manufacturers and food processors via its website, for the convenience of those unable to attend the live seminar.

The series so far consists of:

  • Food additives
  • Intense sweeteners
  • A consumer guide to food labels
  • 2007 Amendments to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991
  • How FSANZ develops food labelling and how consumers use food labelling

The online seminars are known as WEBinars – on-line seminars delivered over the Internet with audio, video and slideshow presentations.

A link to the conference provider’s website is supplied so the participants are able to view the slides from the conference, listen to the oral presentation and ask questions during the conference in real time, without having to be at the seminar location.

Seminars are also recorded and can be viewed at a convenient time online at the FSANZ website.

Busy food manufacturers can gather information without leaving their chairs.

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